Nano in Action: Nanomaterials in the Textile Sector

Event Dates: 
15 Nov 2018
Event Venue: 
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Join NIA for the first in a new webinar series ‘Nano in Action’, focussing on the textiles sector.

This open webinar will include:

  • - End users of nanomaterials within the textiles sector
  • - NIA Members producing nanomaterials for textiles
  • - Regulatory insight into nanomaterials for textiles

The webinar is open to all interested attendees for the presentations, followed by a closed Q&A and discussion session for Members only.


Meet SmartNanoTox

Event Dates: 
29 Nov 2018
Event Venue: 


Join the SmartNanoTox project to discover the smart approach to understand respiratory toxicity pathways for nanomaterials.

The project brings together in silico, in vivo and in vitro methods, linked to systems biology, to create a practical set of tests and intelligent QSARS for materials producers.

This open webinar presents project aims, scientific work and outcomes to date plus how this can impact your work in nanomaterials or respiratory toxicity.

Registration is free of charge.

SRA Annual Meeting

Event Dates: 
02 Dec 2018 to 06 Dec 2018
Event Venue: 
New Orleans, United States

Join us in New Orleans, LA for this year’s SRA Annual Meeting from December 2-6, 2018 for the premier opportunity to discuss all avenues of risk analysis with other risk enthusiasts from around the globe. Our attendees are scientists and practitioners, trained in multiple disciplines and employed across a variety of organizations, who gather annually to share their diverse perspectives.

Creating and protecting value at the nanoscale

Event Dates: 
14 Dec 2018
Event Venue: 

The Nanotechnology Industries Association has teamed up with Member Everest to host a webinar dedicated to the crucial role of Intellectual Property in development nanotechnologies successfully to market.

The 2 hour webinar will focus on how IP creates value for materials, technologies and products at the nanoscale and support your plans from applied research to market entry.  Speakers include the European Patent Office, Everest and NIA members from research centres, SMEs and multi-nationals. 

Nano in Business: Commercialisation of nanomaterials

Event Dates: 
24 Jan 2019
Event Venue: 

NIA is delighted to host its first 'Nano in Business' webinar.  This series is dedicated to the roadmap to commercial success for nanomaterials, not just the launch of companies, but successfully bringing materials to market at a production volume that allows supply to reliably match demand.

The webinar will focus on NIA Members that produce nanomaterials, with support from NIA on the regulatory framework in which they must perform.

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