ECHA - Regulatory Challenges in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

Event Dates: 
23 Oct 2014 to 24 Oct 2014
Event Venue: 
Helsinki (Finland)

The Topical Scientific Workshop on Nanomaterials is planned to be held on 23-24 October 2014 at ECHA. The workshop aims to bring together experts in the field of risk assessment of nanomaterials to discuss and update scientific principles and guidelines for assessing human health and environmental risks of chemicals substances in nanoform.

BIT's 4th Annual World Congress of Nano Science & Technology 2014 (NANO2014)

Event Dates: 
29 Oct 2014 to 31 Oct 2014
Event Venue: 
Qingdao (China)

The 4th Annual World Congress of Nano-S&T is programmed with 10 tracks, this conference is aimed to be a dedicated event for nanoscience and nanotechnology professionals. The program highlights some recent breakthrough stories and successes in this particular field. Over the conference period, you will have opportunities to share information and the best practices on from current research to commercial implementation of new technologies. At the same time, we would explore further communication and collaboration through social activities during the conference.

NanoCON 2014

Event Dates: 
05 Nov 2014 to 07 Nov 2014
Event Venue: 
Brno (Czech Republic)


Synthetic approaches and study of properties of all types of nanomaterials (0D-3D) - quantum dots, nanopowders, functionalized nanoparticles, nanocomposites, carbon nanostructures, graphene, nanofibres, nanolayeres and films, colloid systems, etc.

Applications in catalyses, photocatalysis, coatings and paints, nanofiltration, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, sensors, etc.

Lab Innovations 2014

Event Dates: 
05 Nov 2014 to 06 Nov 2014
Event Venue: 
Birmingham (UK)

Lab Innovations provides a forum for laboratory buyers and laboratory suppliers to meet and do business. Now in its third year, the event has established itself as THE industry event for visitors to see the latest technology providing cost-cutting solutions, increasing productivity and higher ROI for their business.

Safety and Risks of Engineered Nanomaterials (ENM)

Event Dates: 
10 Nov 2014 to 12 Nov 2014
Event Venue: 
Copenhagen (Denmark)

Engineered nanomaterials offer enormous potential in many areas of technology. The safety of ENM is the key to the success of the industry, becasue without customers' confidence, nanotechnology has no future.

Main topics:

  • Characteristics of ENM
  • Exposure to ENM
  • Health effects of ENM
  • Risk assessment of ENM
  • Risk management of ENM


Printed Electronics USA 2014

Event Dates: 
19 Nov 2014 to 20 Nov 2014
Event Venue: 
Santa Clara (US)

What do you need to know about printed, organic and flexible electronics to help you profit from this emerging technology?

Having researched the topic for over twelve years at IDTechEx, we believe that the secret to success is having insight into end user needs and requirements. Our Printed Electronics USA 2014 conference and tradeshow on November 19-20 in Santa Clara, CA provides you with adopter insight along with the latest technology progress.

Highlights include:

Nano Thailand 2014

Event Dates: 
26 Nov 2014 to 28 Nov 2014
Event Venue: 
Pathum Thani (Thailand)

Theme: "Nanotechnology for Better Living"

It is without a doubt that nanotechnology is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Those who are promoting the technology say it will increase our standard of living, make us more secure, improve healthcare delivery, and so forth. Is this true? Is the human race on the verge of achieving a “Utopia” society?

The conference will build on the many experiences and strengths of both the experts and the participants. We also hope to promote interactive research in nanotechnology in accordance with the theme.


Event Dates: 
01 Dec 2014 to 03 Dec 2014
Event Venue: 
San Diego (US)

This conference and exhibition will showcase cutting-edge healthcare nanotechnology research, concepts and products. The target audience includes nanotechnology companies as well as other kinds of companies that want to learn about nanotechnology and/or forge strategic alliances, healthcare organizations, investors, academic/research institutions and government agencies.

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