Nanotechnology Innovation Council

Event Dates: 
09 Oct 2017
Event Venue: 
Online workshop

NIA will host its first meeting of the NIA Nanotechnology Innovation Council.

The two hour online workshop will bring Members together to review and discuss nominated publications, patents and industrial innovations, with the mission to understand and share advances in nanotechnology from around the world.

Members will received a detailed summary of innovations discussed, plus all references, and the outcomes from this six monthly exercise will be presented at the NIA Annual Symposium on April 10.

INL SUMMIT 2017: Nanotechnology: the New Economy

Event Dates: 
19 Oct 2017 to 20 Oct 2017
Event Venue: 
Theatro Circo, Braga - Portugal

We are in the midst of a large-system paradigm shift driven by accelerated exponential growth of new technology.

We are witnesses to faster, more comprehensive change shaped by new technology than any civilization in history. This is but the beginning of a new wave of technologies, that will redefine, reshape and eventually transform economies and societies on a global scale.

Nanotechnology is the continuation of the next chapter in the acceleration of advanced technology and is pointing towards the transformation of the future global economy.

Safe by Design for nanomaterials - Webinar

Event Dates: 
24 Oct 2017
Event Venue: 

This event is free of charge and open to all actors interested in nanomaterials and their safe management throughout their lifecycle, using the principles of Safe by Design from the earliest development stages.

This event brings together projects active in the creation of Safe by Design across Europe to inform you of the long term benefits and commercial sustainability that Safe by Design brings to product development.

Register online here.

NIA Annual Symposium

Event Dates: 
10 Apr 2018
Event Venue: 

The NIA Annual Symposium brings together Members and wider actors within the nanotechnology, including the European Commission, agencies and regulators, research centres and industry both large and small.

The one day event focuses on the key global features that drive commercial nanotechnology development:

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