European Union

European Court of Justice Affirms Legality of National Chemical Registries

This month, the European Court of Justice issued a ruling in Canadian Oil Company Sweden AB and Anders Rantén v Riksåklagaren, which affirmed the right of European Member States to create national product registries for imported chemicals. The Court found that 'neither the wording nor the objectives of the REACH regulation' prevented a Member State's national authorities from requesting this information from a company, but this registration could not be a precondition to taking a product to market.

European Economic and Social Committee outlines the Role of Nanotechnology for EU Competitiveness

On 24 February 2016, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) of the European Union published an 'own-initiative opinion' on ‘Nanotechnology for a competitive Chemical Industry’. The document calls for nanotechnology to "be more strongly reflected and supported in the EU's priorities" and declares "freedom in research and fewer bureaucratic requirements would ensure [European Union] competitiveness" in the