Danish report assesses administrative burdens of nano registry

The Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark has released a new report which estimates 'the administrative burdens arising from businesses' obligation to report to the Nanoproductregister' in Denmark. The report, entitled Assessment of the administrative burdens on businesses with a reporting obligation to the Danish Nanoproductregister, relies upon data from Statistics Denmark and interviews with business that reported to the registry in 2015. The results were a comprehensive look at both the costs and barriers (ex.

Danish Government Finds no Environmental Risk from Common Nanomaterials

A new study by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has concluded there is "no causes for significant environmental concerns regarding nanomaterials." The study comes on the heels of four additional studies from the agency this month examining environmental, health and safety effects of nanomaterials.

Environmental Assessment of Nanomaterial Use in Denmark, looked at ten of the most widely used engineered nanomaterials representing a broad range of applications: