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REACH-nano Representation

As part of its support and integrated service to its Members, the NIA prepare its presence to the CASG-nano and the ECHA Stakeholder Group in close cooperation with its Members, in order to allow for appropriate input from its Members on relevant topics on the meeting agendas, and follow up with detailed minutes.

CASG-nano and NIA (requires log in)

The NIA is an accredited observer to the CARACAL Competent Authority Subgroup on Nanomaterials (CASG-nano). This group, led by the European Commission, discusses policy, regulatory and horizontal issues related to nanomaterials under REACH. The NIA shares all available informaiton for the CASG-nano meetings, including NIA meeting reports.

NIA Members can follow this link to find out how they can benefit from and contribute to NIA activites related to CASG-nano (NIA Members only)

ECHA and ECHA Nanomaterial Working Group (requires log in)

The NIA is an Accredited Stakeholder to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and as such is invited to dedicated ECHA events and to the newly created ECHA Nanomaterial Working Group (NMWG). The ECHA NMWG is a forum for discussing scientific and technical aspects related to nanomaterials under REACH.

NIA Members can follow this link to find out how they can benefit from and contribute to the NIA Activities related to ECHA (NIA Members only)

NIA REACH-nano Member Service (requires log in)

The NIA also offers a dedicated REACH-nano Support Service for asssisting its Members’ management of nanomaterials under REACH, including individually tailored consultations in relation to Members’ specific products.

Follow this link to find information about the NIA REACH-nano Member Service (NIA Members only)


NIA REACH Symposium 'Within REACH!?', 19 of June 2012

On the 19 of June 2012, NIA held a Symposium 'Within REACH!?'. The programme, presentations and report from the meeting are available for NIA members.


NIA Webinar 'REACH: Critical Update and Discussions', Wednesday 12 March, 2014

On Wednesday 12 March 2014 NIA will present a webinar on the latest discussions and developments related to the REACH Regulation and nanomaterials. 


Contact NIA on REACH matters

Do not hesitate to contact NIA for any aspects related to REACH.

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