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NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society

NanoEIS looks to evaluate how nanotechnology education has been integrated into secondary schools and universities, how cooperation between different partner institutions is implemented, and in which ways industrial and non-industrial (social) employers have been involved. NanoEIS will make, based on a thorough assessment of employer needs, recommendations for curriculum contents as well as for best practice strategies to implement them.

Subsequently, this helps to resolve the problem of education contents being poorly matched with the needs of the job market. Improving this situation will benefit both graduates seeking jobs, and industrial / social employers who need specific skills in the professional environment.

Nanotechnology education has to start at secondary schools, since nano is by now part of the daily environment and schools need to teach about relevant issues to allow informed consumers to take full advantage of nano-enabled products in a safe and sustainable way.

NanoEIS will develop novel teaching and assessment tools for secondary schools. In addition, career choices start in school when decisions about study subjects are made, which should be based on full and relevant information, to achieve a good match between the interests of students and the contents of their studies and courses.

The NanoEIS website will serve as one-stop shop for information on nanotechnology education for all stakeholders, including secondary school students, university students, educators and education administrators, and both industrial (large industry, SME, start-ups) and social employers (regulatory agencies, media, legal and IP services etc.). 

Follow this link to find out more about the NanoEIS project.

(Funded by European Commission, FP7)

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