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NanoDetect: A Review of Available Techniques for the Detection of engineered Nanomaterials in the Environment

The aim of the NanoDetect project was recommend a way forward on how to tackle the challenge of engineered nanomaterial detection in the environment. To achieve this, a review of available analytical techniques for the characterisation and detection of engineered nanomaterials, as well as labelling and tagging tools used in nanomedicine and nanotoxicology was performed. 

This was supported by a telephone survey of manufacturers on applied surface coatings of nanomaterials to harmonize possible techniques with relevant nanoparticle properties.

The resulting data was collated in the final report, and advantages and limitations of the identified techniques were discussed; the most promising techniques to detect engineered nanomaterials in the environment have been highlighted. Suggestions for future research have been given.

(Funded by DEFRA)

NIA NanoDetect Report


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