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Nano2Market: Best Practices for IPR and Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology Developments

The Nano2Market project developed guidelines for technology transfer, rules for IPR and license agreements and license models in nanotechnology development projects.

To achieve these objectives the project team constructed value chains of the transfer of each technology, and analysed specific representative applications of the different areas of the nanotechnology R&D European strategy 2009: medical applications, information technologies, energy, materials, manufacturing, instrumentation, food, environment and security.

The objective was to classify the technology application areas of nanotechnologies into different clusters according to: development cost, time-to-market, complexity of licensing, etc.. In parallel, the actual and forthcoming market were mapped and analysed according to competitiveness, geographical area, development potential, risks, etc..

Specific data mining tools were applied help to conclude the key worldwide actors of development and commercialisation of the different technologies.

Actual IPR cultures and technology transfer rules were listed according to the features of their market and technology; matching the IPR and technology transfer models with the concluded value chains and market and technology maps resulted in the recommendation of best practice business models and efficient rules for technology transfer.

Want to know more? Follow these link to download a Nano2Market Fact Sheetaccess the Nano2Market Toolbox, or to find out more on the Nano2Market website.

(Funded by the European Commission, FP7)

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