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INGENIOUS: Public Communication & Applied Ethics of Nanotechnology

The Advanced Workshop Course in Public Communication and Applied Ethics for Nanotechnologists was held from the 22nd until the 27th March 2009 at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, UK.

We are grateful to the team at Cambridge Biomedical Consultants Ltd and St Edmund College, Oxford, for their outstanding achievements in bringing together and delivering this highly praised course. *

‘This is the best workshop which I have ever attended!’ was one of the comments received from course participants; more evaluation results can be found in the NIA News section. 


* Acknowledgement

This course was organised under the auspices of the Nanotechnology Industries Association and kindly funded by The Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Public Engagement Grants Programme to provide funding for projects that enable engineers to enhance their public engagement skills, consider the societal implications of their work and take part in debate with the public on engineering and its impact on society.

This project was executed and managed by Dr. David Bennett and Serene Chi of the Nanobio-RAISE office in the Technology University of Delft with generous support from international acclaimed experts Prof. Richard Jones, Dr. Frans Kampers, Prof. Ken Donaldson, Dr. Craig Poland, Mr. Richard Hayhurst, Dr. Barry Park, Prof. Julian Kinderlerer, Dr. Mike Adcock, Prof. Alfred Nordmann, Dr. Arianna Ferrari, Mr. Mark Cantley, Ms. Nicola Buckley, Prof. George Gaskell, Prof. John Adams, Dr. Bernard Dixon, Mr. Peter Evans and kind support from St. Edmund Hall of the University of Oxford.


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