Andrew Gooda Supply Chain and Compliance Director, Nanoco Technologies Ltd, UK (Chair of the Board)

With a degree in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London and MBA from Durham University, Andrew has worked at Nanoco since 2010 as Manufacturing Director.  He has overseen the commercial scale up of cadmium-free quantum dot technology and now has responsibility for supply chain, quality, safety, regulatory affairs and engineering.

Anne Goldberg New Innovation Platform Director, Solvay, BE

With a degree in physics, Anne joined Solvay in 1990, moving into nanotechnology in 2008 as Nanotechnology Platform Manager.  She had responsibility for setting up and managing the corporate R&D programme.  Within her current role, she identifies next breakthrough innovation areas for company focus.

Carolin Kranz Senior Manager Innovation and Technology Policy, BASF, DE

Carolin has a background in chemistry, sustainability, nanotechnology and governance of new technologies.

​Hera Lichtenbeld​ Policy and External Affairs, Oxility, NL

Hera has a PhD in (cancer) cell biology, with many years experience project management within the biopharmaceutical GMP environment (cell/gene therapy).  Her role within the NIA Board is linked to her work with Oxility, a technology licenses partner to Royal Philips Electronics and which develops, manufactures and services ultra-fine particle (UFP) monitors based on the licensed Philips Aerasense Technology.

Maria Ada Malvindi​ CEO and co-founder, HiQ-Nano

Maria Ada brings research experience EHS within the EHS Research Platform in the Center for Bio-Molecular Nanotechnology, Italian Institute of Technology, focussed on the functionalisation of different nanocomposites for toxicity evaluation and study of bio-interaction.  Through her role as CEO of HiQ-Nano, she delivers design, fabrication and characterisation of nanoparticles.

​Richard Pleus​ Founder and Managing Director, Intertox Inc., US

Richard has a PhD in environmental toxicology and has over 25 years experience as a toxicologist assessing the risk of humans exposed to chemical and biological agents.  His current focus is EHS standards for nanomaterials.  Dr Pleus has served as part of bodies associated with nanomaterials and standards development, including ISO TC, US TAG WG3, Chair of the Science AB for the Development and Launch of an Inter-Operable and Curated Nanomaterials Registry, co-founder of the nanotechnology Health and Safety Forum and H&S advisor to the NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon.