Who we are

The Nanotechnology Industries Association (NIA) is the leading voice of the nanotechnology industries. On behalf of membership across Europe and around the world, we support the development of nanotech innovations that improve the lives of consumers, preserve our environment and advance our world.

NIA and our Members are committed to the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials across all industries. We believe in fostering a better understanding of nanotechnology’s important role in society and building a positive global environment for nanotech innovation.

Our Objectives

To support nanotechnology industries by

  • Ensuring a strong industry voice is present in global nanotech policy and regulatory discussions.
  • Communicating the essential role of nanotechnology in improving our daily lives and advancing our world.
  • Forming focused research collaborations with stakeholders across the public and private sector to help build a positive regulatory, policy and acceptance environment for nanotechnology.
  • Identifying untapped portions of the supply chain where nanotechnologies can provide a unique and beneficial value.
  • Creating partnership opportunities between NIA Members that can help bring new nanotech innovations to the market.
  • Demonstrating our responsible commitment to developing and stewarding safe, sustainable and beneficial nanotech innovations.
  • Helping NIA Members, especially SMEs, deliver new products to market.
  • Ensuring NIA Members are up-to-date on global nanotech legislative and regulatory developments.

To support regulators and policymakers by

  • Being a transparent and collaborative industry stakeholder.
  • Providing clear industry perspectives and positions on nanotech issues.
  • Collaborating with other stakeholders to support predictable, effective regulatory environments that enable nanotech innovations to safely and efficiently reach consumers.

To support the general public by

  • Helping consumers better understand nanotechnology in our daily lives.
  • Working with media to ensure nanotechnology is accurately reported.
  • Respectfully addressing any questions about the use of nanotechnology, including risks and safe development.

For more detail about membership and our activities, download our 2017 slides here.