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Nano TiO2 enters European List of UV Filters Allowed in Cosmetic Products
The European Commission amended the Regulation on Cosmetic Products (1223/2009) which sets safety and marketing rules for cosmetics in the European Union to add nano titanium dioxide to the list of authorised UV filters (Annex VI). Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide are known for their increased effectiveness in filtering ultraviolet irradiation...
Nanotechnology among 2016-2018 Priority Topics for EFSA's Scientific Committee Risk Assessment Guidance
On 19 May 2016, the Scientific Committee of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has adopted an opinion identifying priority topics for the development of risk assessment guidance in the years 2016-2018. The work programme defines areas where guidance documents need updating and where new guidance will have to be developed. Nanotechnologies are...
German EPA recommends Measures for 'Nanomaterial Specific Environmental Risks'
The German Environment Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt) has recently released a background note entitled Nanomaterials in the environment –Current state of knowledge and regulations on chemical safety - Recommendations of the German Environment Agency. While considering that 'the nanoscale form of a substance does not necessarily constitute a...

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