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Danish Government Finds no Environmental Risk from Common Nanomaterials
A new study by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has concluded there is "no causes for significant environmental concerns regarding nanomaterials." The study comes on the heels of four additional studies from the agency this month examining environmental, health and safety effects of nanomaterials. Environmental Assessment of Nanomaterial...
New Nanomaterial Documents Published by Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Earlier this week, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency issued several new publications addressing environmental and human health risk assessment in nanomaterials: Consumer Risk Assessment for nanoproducts on the Danish Market Dermal Absorption of Nanomaterials Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Based Sunscreen: Role of Size and Surface...
Survey Requests Data on Industry Safe by Design Projects
The ProSafe project, an FP7 initiative, has launched a survey for private sector representatives requesting data on safe by design projects their companys are currently involved in. The objective in collecting this data is to map current safe by design projects and review what current R&D is underway in this field. This will help ProSafe...

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